Best Brooks Shoes for Supination 2022 | Top 7 Reviews

What are the Best Brooks Shoes for supination?

In order to find the best brooks shoes for supination, we have done the research for months and tried almost all the shoes of Brooks brand.

We think that Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is the Best Brooks shoe for Underpronation. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 has a DNA loft pad that gives proper cushioning in the foot region. It also has the BioMoGo technology which powers each stride hence giving the Adrenaline as indicated in its name. This shoe is best for runners who need a perfect blend of support, cushion, flexibility, and reliability. The modernized, streamlined design satisfies runners who crave a low-profile look.

Brooks’ shoes are a speaking example of their perfection. But it would be quite difficult for you to find one of the many brooks shoes for underpronation. So we have formed this list of the best brooks shoes for supination. This may also ease your research problem as or description of each product is quite elaborative but also not too blinding at all. So take a look at all these products and decide which pair you’ll be getting.

What Exactly is Supination?

Supination is the outward rolling of the foot during walking, running, jogging, etc. it is characterized by the dislocation of ankle joints or slippage of the foot from certain areas. This also leads to the excessively rolling of the ankle towards the outer region. This isn’t a very pleasing sensation at all as it leads to a tremendous amount of pain in the ankle and the feet.

The unpleasing sensation which bothers and troubles your easy walks or runs, leads to some serious foot conditions which can turn out to be rather painful. This isn’t something that goes on in generations, i.e. it is not a genetic disorder but an induced one. Some daily life habits lead to supination.

You can also try the Best Shoe Inserts for supination to get rid of it.

Such issues are not only faced by people belonging to the athletic sector but also by common people too. There is no problem in this world which can’t be solved and so this one can be perfected too by researching and purchasing the right kind of shoes. What exactly is the right kind of shoes? They are the ones that provide you with the perfect amount of cushioning, stability, durability, and support. These are the kind of things to look for in shoes that prove to work best for supinated feet.

Why BROOKS Shoes are best for supination?

Brooks is one of the leading shoe brands in the entire world. This isn’t because their reputation is quite excellent. It is also because they actually provide you with what they promise to. They have this new Cushioning Technology in each brooks underpronation shoes which helps in keeping you quite easy on foot all day.

We have written another article on Best Asics for Underpronation or Supination. So, if you are an ASICS fan then it’s a must-read article for you.

Another important factor is its energizing one which has this amazing built-in technology that transforms your every step’s power into a perfect bounce back with just the right amount of responsiveness. The brooks running shoes for supination actually look like they have been designed by professionals and the product is just so innovative. It feels like the right amount of thought has been put into the product during its design and manufacturing.

7 Best Brooks Shoes for Supination

Here are the 6 Best brooks shoes for Supination:

The shoes in the following list are considered to be among the world’s best ranking brooks shoes for supination.

  1. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21
  2. Brooks Men’s Ghost 13
  3. Brooks Men’s Glycerin 18
  4. Brooks Women’s Revel 4
  5. Brooks Women’s Launch 7
  6. Brooks Women’s Levitate 4
  7. Brooks Women’s PureFlow 7

Best Brooks Shoes for Supination | Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 20 Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21 Material: Engineered mesh
Sole: Rubber
Top Feature: Balanced Soft Cushioning

Check Price
Brooks Men's Ghost 13 Brooks Men’s Ghost 13 Material: Air Mesh
Sole: Rubber
Top Feature: Smooth ride transitions
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Brooks Men's Glycerin 18 Brooks Men’s Glycerin 18 Material: Engineered mesh
Sole: Rubber
Top Feature: Plush Fit
Check Price
Brooks Women's Revel 4 Brooks Women’s Revel 4 Material: Fit Knit upper
Sole: Rubber
Top Feature: BioMoGo DNA cushioning
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Brooks Women's Launch 7 Brooks Women’s Launch 7 Material: Mesh
Sole: Rubber
Top Feature: Ultra Lightweight
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Brooks Women's Levitate 4 Brooks Women’s Levitate 4 Material: Synthetic, mesh
Sole: Rubber
Top Feature: Energized Cushioning
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Brooks Women's PureFlow 7 Brooks Women’s PureFlow 7 Material: Synthetic, mesh
Sole: Gum Rubber
Top Feature: Connected feel
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Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21

Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 20


  • Balance Soft Cushioning
  • Perfect Rubber Sole
  • Modernized Fit
  • Perfect for people with flat-arched feet


The first Brooks product on the list is the Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 20 which is a perfect example of what Brooks’ products should be like. The color scheme is very much on the light and pastel side as it is a women’s product. It has a DNA loft pad which gives proper cushioning in the foot region. It also has the BioMoGo technology which powers each stride hence giving the Adrenaline as indicated in its name. They also have this HOLISTIC SUPPORT SYSTEM which has focused more upon the most injury-prone part of the body which is the knees. This is because they are quite prone to dislocation. Excessive movements are kept in check by this system.

This is considered to be the best brooks shoes for supination for women, of course. Its innovative and up-to-the mark manufacturing makes it one of a kind product. Such quality is something that should never be compromised when it comes to a pair of shoes for supination. Brooks surely kept this thing in mind while manufacturing of this one.

For such runners who need an all-in-one experience from a shoe, this pair is a perfect buy for them. This is because it offers not only stability and comfort but also enough cushioning, durability, perfect stride power, and much more. Of course, you can discover much more of its perks once you get your hands on this amazing pair. It is almost perfect for everything from simple walking to proper road running. This provides what it actually offers.

Brooks Men’s Ghost 13

Brooks Men's Ghost 13


  • Proper fit which secures the foot
  • Give a Balanced feel
  • Promote smooth runs
  • Perfect cushioning


  • Not for flat-footed people

The next brooks shoe for underpronators is the Brooks Men’s Ghost 13. If we talk about its color range, it is not quite fixed to a certain color family as it has neutrals, bright colors, pastels, and dark ones too. So it would be wrong to specify it to a certain family of colors. Ghost 13 is for runners who look for a smooth transition during their runs. This is because in the long run you never know what type of obstacles come further in your way you never know what irregular paths you have to cross. So this is designed in such a streamlined way providing you with the smoothest and softest runs ever.

Like the previous product, this one is known to be the best Brooks Shoes for men supination. Its unique and versatile qualities really bring out the best in your gait manner. It supports your paces and runs in a way such that you do not feel burdened by your supinated feet.  

The BioMoGo DNA and Loft Pad technology work hand in hand providing just the right amount of cushioning in the underfoot so that the responsiveness and durability are not lost and are still maintained while walking or running. Ghost 13 also gives you a very smooth bounce no matter how much hard you jump or land your feet on the ground. This is due to shock absorbers present in its Crash Pad underneath the surface of this running shoe.

Brooks Men’s Glycerin 18

Brooks Men's Glycerin 18


  • Amazing stretch
  • Perfectly cushioned
  • Modernized Fit
  • Allow smooth transitions during long runs


  • Not ideal as high arch shoes

If you are in the search of shoes for supination, then you might want to lay your eyes upon some of the Brooks shoes for supination. This is due to the authenticity of the brand and the newness in every product not only in the design but also in the functioning too. The Brooks Men’s Glycerin 18 is a perfect pair for supinated feet due to many reasons. If we talk about its fitting, it is quite luxurious as it lushly surrounds your feet and gives a very custom kind of feel. It adapts to each stride and hugs your feet quite properly but also not too tightly. So it is a perfect buy for people who want an easy fit in a supination shoe.

This luxurious fit provides a very smooth transition which adds to the plush fit. It allows a very smooth heel-to-toe transition without any interruptions at all. A great thing about this product is that it has an ortholite sock liner which is beyond perfect for supinated feet. It has much more advanced DNA cushioning technology which gives you a feeling as if you are walking on clouds but it does not make your feet tired from the excessive softness.

Brooks Women’s Revel 4

Brooks Women's Revel 4


  • Cushioning is amazing
  • Support is beyond perfect
  • Rubber sole
  • Mesh breathable Material


  • Causes blisters on the feet

The Brooks Women’s Revel 4 is a running shoe for those who look for modernity and performance both together in a product. For all the millennial women out there, this pair is perfect for them. This provides you with a very springy and quite fun run. It has such a shape that gives you an amazing strike-off power from the ground without even tiring you up at all.

As in the present times, everybody is literally all about feminism and against mansplaning, this product as its name suggests LEVER 4; really amps up the game for all the boss ladies out there. It not only promotes their effective runs and walks, but also allows them to feel free. This has this supporting feel which the feet absolutely love due to already being sore by supination.

Its upper mesh provides you with a very proper and secured fit which allows you to have full control over your daily errands. It promotes the concept of quick transitions due to its upraised arrow point which allows a perfect heel-to-toe stride power and also levels ups your gait game. This is done so by allowing the feet to move quite quickly. The comfort this pair provides is beyond your imagination because no type of justification would do justice to the amount of comfort provided by this running shoe for underpronators.

Brooks Women’s Launch 7

Brooks Women's Launch 7


  • BioMoGo DNA Midsole for perfect cushioning
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Modernized Fit
  • Rubber sole


  • The material used in the laces is poor

Let’s be honest for a moment that we all have had some major embarrassing situations mainly slipping off from a damp surface, etc. we all know one way or another our shoes had something to do with it. On moist areas, the shoes which don’t have a good under-sole tend to cause slippage more often than the regular ones. Luckily, the Brooks Women’s Launch 7 has been designed in such a unique way to remove all your embarrassing moments forever. It is designed such that even if you don’t put in enough strength it gives you a perfect response and bounce back power which isn’t extreme at all. This makes it even more appealing.

The Launch 7 is such a modern and unique piece that has a streamlined design which gives the runner a perfect run and proper fitting also. It is such a brook running shoe for supination which is honestly one of its own kind. The color range is also such that it isn’t bound to a certain color range. Colors for every kind of personality are found in this shoe article. It has a one-piece mesh upper which gives quite a perfect fit but doesn’t suffocate your feet at all. It is quite lightweight and also quite breathable. If you are someone working on your speed then this product is a must-have for you.

Brooks Levitate 4

Brooks Women's Levitate 4


  • Energizes your stride
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • An all-purpose use kind of shoe
  • Soft cushioning


  • Not for flat-footed people

The next Brooks shoe for underpronation is the Brooks Levitate 4 Grey. The levitate DNA AMP foam used in this is quite lighter than the previous versions of this range. This 20% lighter foam is perfectly capable of providing the appropriate amount of cushioning while keeping in mind to not tire the feet at all. This foam allows your feet to strike off from the ground with proper strength which isn’t too sturdy at all. The not too sturdy strike-off power is a great yet crucial component of walking like a normal person. We aren’t generalizing your supinated gait manner as abnormal; rather we’re simply highlighting how you would walk if your feet weren’t supinated.

Brooks Levitate 4 has an upper which has a fit like a sock which isn’t too harsh on the feet also not too useless. It provides you with complete control over your feet and shoes. It promotes breathability due to this. We all hate running shoes whose soles has not enough cushioning and you feel as if you’re on the ground bare-footed. However, this sock-like fit has this perfect cushioning which promotes easy runs without any breaks and allows you to have a very comfortable close to the ground feel that doesn’t make you cringe at all. It has a midsole drop of about 8mm and weighs around 9oz. This means that it is quite lightweight too.

Brooks Women’s Pure-Flow 7

Brooks Women's PureFlow 7


  • Mesh breathable material
  • Gum rubber sole
  • Provides neutral support
  • Close-to-foot fit


  • Your arches may hurt by wearing these

The last product which we have included in our list of best brooks shoes for supination is the Brooks Women’s Pure-Flow 7. There are many runners out there who face such a problem where they aren’t even sure about their own foot type or shape this is because it is quite different from the usual one. They have feet that go from medium to high arch and so it is quite difficult for them to get themselves a pair of running shoes designed specifically for their feet. Such people do not need to stress themselves more for this problem because Brooks has always been a brand to look into such issues and deliver to the people what they actually look for rather than giving something which the product wants to sell for its own profit.

The Brooks Women’s pure-flow 7 is such a perfectionist when it comes to getting a running shoe that works best for people who have medium to high arches.

The pure-flow 7 has a new body alignment technology that helps you stay true to your natural gait style while keeping the body perfectly streamlined with the gait style. Some shoes do not have this technology and then one adapts to a very strange gait style that doesn’t keep the body moving in perfect harmony with the feet. But the new Brooks’ shoes have eliminated this problem. It has a new cushioning which is quite minimal and very ideal for minimalists. It lets your feet breathe and is also quite lightweight which is amazing for those women who want strength but no bulky matter. This product is also very good in terms of not weighing you down due to its weight as it is so lightweight that it can’t do so.

Our Top Picks

Brooks Men's Glycerin 18
Brooks Men’s Glycerin 18
  • Synthetic and mesh 
  • Rubber Sole
  • Support and Cushion 
  • Smooth transitions 
Brooks Men's Ghost 13 Running Shoe
Brooks Men’s Ghost 13 Running Shoe
  • Soft, secure and fit
  • Best for Underpronation
  • Smooth and stable ride
  • Ultra Lightweight 
Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 20
Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 20
  • Best for Supination
  • Rubber Sole
  • Balanced Soft Cushioning
  • Modernized fit

Confused to buy which one? Don’t worry because we have published a complete buying guide on Supination shoes for you.

What to keep in mind while buying Brooks running shoes?

Choosing the optimal pair of shoes is tough for comfort. We evaluated the following variables when determining the finest Brooks running shoes. Here are some aspects to think about when looking for your new pair:

  • Functionality: Look for running shoes that are made precisely for your needs.
  • Fitting: Do you have a narrower foot, or do you require a broader toe box? Choose a shoe that is intended to fit your foot form to prevent blisters and hot places.
  • Breathability: Even though the shoe is comfortable, it will not be suitable for you if it lacks breathability. The correct material used on the upper should allow optimal airflow inside the shoe. Sweating does not build and blisters and pain do not occur.
  • Padding: While some athletes choose a more minimalistic shoe, others prefer a shoe with plenty of padding. Think about how much cushioning you want in your type of shoe.
  • Materials: We looked for high-quality, long-lasting materials that are best suited to a specific running ability.
  • Arch support: Supination is more common in men with high arches. So, to run or stroll pain-free, your shoes should provide excellent ankle support. Because ankles tend to roll inward, the footwear should hold and stiffen the ankles. In brief, proper arches assistance will relieve discomfort, support the arches, and prevent injuries.
  • Extraordinary characteristics: We looked at what each shoe was made for its particular purpose. Some shoes provide additional protection and strength, and some are light-weight and much more breathable.
  • Customer feedback: All of the footwear in this list has received mostly positive feedback from customers.


The major problem in our society is that we don’t understand the dire need of the present time. We are working in such an environment that is quite competitive. This doesn’t mean that the competition should be blood-sucking or unpleasant. We can always have a healthy competition going on too which allows each individual to grow and prosper in their own respective fields.

As for running and the athletic world, the competition isn’t about winning. It’s most certainly about looking into yourself and working on your capabilities and also staying fit too. For this purpose, a man or a woman can function properly if he or she has the proper equipment. The most integral of which are the shoes and we know exactly how important they are especially when talking about supination too.

We should keep this thing in our mind that supination isn’t some fatal disease but we do need to take those measures necessary for keeping our feet from any further discomforts in the nearer future. So now by the list given above, we all have established the fact that Brooks’ running shoes are quite perfect when looking for running shoes that give you the ultimate comfort for your supinated feet. So without wasting any further time, get your hands on these pairs. Because one way or another, Brooks’ running shoes have proved themselves to be your ultimate go-to when looking for underpronation shoes.

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