What are the Causes of Overpronation? 5 Most Common Causes

Overpronation is quite a common issue nowadays. This is because people are always on the go due to their daily needs. This is because it is a mandatory part of the modern age that you can only survive if you work daily without any kind of break. So this means that every person is always walking, running, or doing anything of this sort every day just in a try for making a living out of it for himself. Don’t worry we have provided the 5 most common causes of overpronation and methods of correcting it.

So with walking, running, etc. many issues also arise if you are not doing it the right way. By the right way, it doesn’t mean that there must be a certain gait style, it rather means that you should keep in check whether you have some sort of overpronation kind of issue or not. For this, it is important for you to have an overview of what overpronation actually is?

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What is Overpronation?

Overpronation is a situation related to your feet in which as you move your foot rolls in the inward direction. Overpronation is also another name for the flattening of your feet at a greater rate. It is a type of condition in which the heel of the foot moves more towards the ground. The arch of the foot whether it is normal, high, or too low falls prone to this issue due to a number of reasons.

How can I tell if I’m overpronating?

If you are probably suffering from an overpronating issue, then check some symptoms in your feet. Overpronators suffer from various symptoms, including:

  • Pain in the heel or arch
  • Flat feet
  • Back, knee, or hip pain
  • Calluses or corns
  • Hammer’s toes

What Causes Overpronation?

Overpronation, like any other disease or problem, is also caused due to certain factors. These factors can be due to genetic, environmental, and behavioral issues. Let’s have a look at all those factors which lead to overpronation:

  • Overuse of a certain pair of shoes
  • Overweight figure
  • Pregnancy may also be a factor
  • Some sort of previous injury acting up in the future

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Causes of overpronation

Overuse of Old Shoes

One of the leading causes of overpronation is using a pair of shoes that has officially run out of its usage time. This means that every shoe designed has a specific age that wears out as time passes. Everyone has a pair of shoes which they absolutely love and can’t get enough of wearing it with every other outfit they put on.

However, there is a downside to this situation which is that overuse of an old pair of shoes doesn’t work well for anyone’s feet. Whether you are a kid, a thirty-year-old man, or an old one, wearing overused shoes will bring nothing but problems to you. When any pair of shoes turns old, it starts to wear and tear off from its corners, laces, and insoles. This can cause overpronation in your feet if you keep on wearing the same article for prolonged durations over and over again.

Overpronation is caused due to such shoes as their material wears off and wearing such shoes leads to discomfort in your feet which eventually starts to overpronate and thus you get overpronation in your feet.

Overweight figure

Being obese may prove to be a disease. Not to sound like a hater or anything of the sort, but if you are obese, it may also lead you to overpronation in your feet. The main reason is that if you aren’t in a healthy weight category, then this may cause some trouble for you. Any person who has an overweight figure can very aptly relate to the problem of overpronation.

Due to excessive weight, our feet tend to tire up more during long walks or even during any minimal kind of work. The knees become prone to weakness and eventually, you are at a greater risk of spraining your ankles every now and then. This is one of the main causes of your foot turning inward.

The reason that being overweight leads to overpronation is that when we walk or stand, our almost whole body weight falls upon our knees and feet. The normal weight of our body is easily kept up by the feet, which is a very natural phenomenon but if that weight exceeds its normal value, then it becomes quite a challenge for the feet to keep up with it.

As you walk or run, the feet can’t bear this much weight and eventually, your foot starts rolling in a direction other than the usual leading to overpronation.

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During pregnancy, your weight increases too and hence it can also lead to overpronation. So what you should do is keep your weight under check but obviously don’t starve yourself for this purpose. This happens because during pregnancy, your weight increases due to carrying the baby. Your feet also swell which is because certain hormones in your body cause a change in the blood vessels which leads to swelling of certain body parts. As all of this needs a place to go, so it all goes down to your knees and feet due to gravity and they appear swollen.

Hence, this is what causes overpronation of the foot and your swollen feet will fall prone to overpronation at a greater rate.

Past Injuries

When you get injured, it is advised to treat the wound at once, or infection may occur and contaminate the wound leading to added discomfort. The same goes for overpronation. When your ankles twist or you sprain your feet, it is mandatory that you go seek the professional guidance of a physician rather than treating it at home. This is because for the time being you may feel that your injury is all settled but it may appear in the future as a type of pronation.

This is why it is important to keep in check your feet especially in such situations so that they may not fall prey to overpronation or any other issue of this sort.

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What to do to fix the overpronation issue?

Overpronation occurs when your arch lowers than your hips and lower back. This downward pressure on your lower extremities puts extra stress on them and cuts down on breathing. Prevention is possible by recognizing the symptoms of overpronation and taking preventative measures. Early treatment with orthotics and soft tissue massage can help correct improper posture. If these efforts fail, you may need to consider surgery.

Overpronation is an abnormal or excessive bending or swelling of the joints in your foot or lower leg, as well as the surrounding tissues and bones. This can cause pain, increased pressure on your joints, and an inability to function correctly.

Symptoms may include persistent soreness and tenderness in your lower back upon standing or walking. Moreover, it causes stiffness in your lower extremities and altered gait.

What are the ramifications of overpronation?

Nothing at times! Many people overpronate and are unaware of it, nor do they suffer any harm or symptoms. Some individuals, on the other hand (or foot), sustained numerous injuries. It includes:

  • Tendonitis caused by overuse
  • Bunions & hammertoes are caused by slow, persistent changes in the foot structure.
  • Inflammatory ache
  • Tiredness and Joint pain
  • Sprains of the ankle
  • Damage to the joints
  • Nerve damage


So these were few overpronation causes which lead to discomforts and problems for you so it is important for you to check if you have such issues or not so that you may prevent yourself from it without any problems in your future. Such causes do not appear within a day, they are rooted for a very long time due to our actions and hence they appear one day when we lose all senses and start looking for treatments. This is why prevention is better than treatment.

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