How often should you replace work shoes? | Complete Guide

Companies mainly design work shoes so that they can provide complete comfort to the worker. Whether you are working at an adverse construction site or simply sitting in an office, your boots must be cozy and very warm. This article will elaborate on how often should you replace work shoes. Reading this article till the end will aid you to understand all the characteristics that you must foresee in your working pair of shoes. Moreover, we will also highlight essential facts about your working shoes for your safety. In this way, it would become for you to decide how long should a pair of shoes last? So if you are a worker and want some crucial and beneficial advice about your working shoes, this article is meant for you. Let’s dig into it.

What led your shoes towards destruction?

Before discussing when you should replace your working shoes, let’s talk about the things that can shatter your boots down. Although manufacturers make working boots very empathetically, and they are of good quality. Good quality shoes keep the feet of workers warm and safe. But working boots have limited duration, and they last for a particular time. No doubt that taking care of them can make them more long-lasting but cannot go in the long run.

Many factors can contribute to spoiling the shoes, like water, heat, or other environmental factors. So it is almost unstoppable to keep your working shoes from felling down in a hazardous environment. So it is a fact that either you are working in harsh conditions or maintaining and taking good care of your shoes. You need to change them after a particular period. So it is essential to decide when to get new work shoes.

how often should you replace work shoes

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Working boot types for different fields

There is excellent advancement seen in the previous few decades in different fields. But the importance of human labor is still there. There are many workers worldwide, working in various working sectors and conditions. So, according to their need, their working boots are manufactured. Next, we will be mentioning different types of boots manufactured as per the worker’s demand. Additionally, we will also tell the estimated time to be replaced with the new ones.

  • Hiking Boots

These boots are specially designed for hiking purposes. They are made in such a way that they give complete support to the person wearing them. People who work in the mountains need to wear hiking boots to walk in the mountains easily. Their estimated daily walking span is 3 miles.

  • Ariat Boots

These boots are for workers at construction sites. And their daily wearing span is 4 miles.

  • Logger Boots

Logger boots are for the blacksmith or iron laborers. The temperature at these sites is very high. And the workers boot face much wearing and tearing. So working boots must be replaced accordingly. Their wearing time is 2.5 miles approximately.

  • Leather Boots

Leather boots are ubiquitous. And they are meant for workers working in almost all the fields. If the worker uses leather boots at a construction site, the daily wearing span must be 2.5 miles.

  • Suede Boots

These boots are manufactured for engineers all over the world. They are good if their daily wearing span is 2 miles approximately.

  • Snow Boots

Snow boots are for the people doing skiing or workers working on snowy grounds. Ther must be replaced soon. Because even mildly spoiled snow boots can damage your feet in icy conditions. Their wearing span daily is 1.5 miles.

  • Danner Boots

Danner boots are for traffic workers. They also suffer severe environmental conditions and must cover 1.5 miles wearing time daily.

  • Cowboy Boots

The estimated wearing span for cowboy boots is 4 miles daily. They are used at construction sites by the workers working there.

There are also many other types of work boots. And they have different daily wearing life span according to the severity of the working site. Suppose you are using any of the above and functional boots and using them more than the limit. You are supposed to replace it with new pair of shoes because your safety and comfort should be the first and foremost priority.

How miles should your work shoes last?

The number of miles work shoes should last you depends on the manufacturer, the type of work you do, and how well you treat them.  A good pair of work boots or shoes should last at least 300 – 500 miles of everyday use, more if you take care of them. The problem is that there are no industry standards for “normal use,” and manufacturers tend to fudge the numbers to make their products look better than others.

Authentic leather work boots are durable yet do need proper maintenance. The right amount of care will give you more mileage out of them, but don’t expect them to last forever. If you’re planning on wearing your work shoes for years, pick one that’s built to last.

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The durability of work shoes depends highly on workplace conditions. Check them for possible signs of wear every 2 weeks, i.e., looseness in the heels, so they don’t give you blisters, corns, or calluses. Examine your work boots for worn-down parts and replace missing laces.

How miles should your work shoes last?

What your working shoe say for replacing them?

Wearing single pair of work boots for an extended period can damage your feet. And it might be possible you get an injury if your working site is very severe. Now here is how your working boots say that now you should replace them And How often should you buy new shoes?

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The answer to these questions is quite simple. The condition of your shoe portrait all the story. And it is not restricted that after this time one should go for new pair of working shoes. Let’s now highlight some signs that will showcase and tell us that it is time for some new stuff.

  • Cracks on your shoes
  • Damaged outsoles
  • Rigidity/less flexibility
  • Separation of upper soles
  • Worn midsoles

Cracks on your Shoes

If you are wearing your shoes, you might start seeing cracks on them. Or if the working sites are extreme, their condition will get worse. So this is one indication that you should replace your working shoes now.

Damaged Outsoles

Your outsoles bear the hardest wearing and tearing. These are directly dealing with the harsh working conditions. In this regard, they are damaged very rapidly. And you might see cracks or even tiny holes.

Rigidity/less Flexibility

Due to the environmental conditions, the working shoes become complicated, and they feel less comfortable. They lose their flexibility with time as they are worn for quite a long time. So if your shoes are less flexible and you feel restless in them. Change them as soon as possible because they can hurt your feet.

Separation of Upper Soles

Are your shoes speaking or talking to you? This sounds very funny, but it looks the same way. When your shoes’ upper sole starts getting separated from the lower sole of your shoes. That can happen when you have worn your shoes to a pretty extended limit. There are two options here. One is to change the lower sole of the shoes, or you can get a new pair.

Worn Midsoles

Worn midsoles are when your shoes start losing their shape and lift. You do not feel that fantastic bump and height that you think with new shoes with worn midsoles. This can also make workers very uncomfortable. So go and buy your new pair of shoes from your favorite shop.

Should you buy cheap shoes to replace work shoes?

Not at all, cheap works shoes will last less time and provide less protection. You won’t need almost as much safety and stability if you don’t invest in high-quality workplace shoes. Remember that fine footwear isn’t just about maintaining you safe at work. Long-term consequences of cheap shoes include severe back issues.

What is the best time to replace your working boots?

Many workers ask this question many times that what is the most appropriate time to get new shoes or how long should a pair of work shoes last? There is no fixed answer to this. But it is mainly recommended that workers should get new shoes at least after six months.

Final Words

In the end, we conclude that it is crucial to replace your working boots. Whenever you feel they are not comfortable with you or might hurt your feet. You can also replace parts of your shoes like any damaged or worn soles of the shoes. 

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