How to Fix Heel Slippage in Boots? A Step by Step Guide 2021

Nowadays, people in the majority are facing foot-related issues. The reason may be people’s unhealthy life choices and attitudes. They aren’t as vigilant about their personal hygiene and care as they should be. Due to such an ill-mannered and nonserious attitude, people are facing foot-related issues more frequently than in the past. This also leads to people asking a question about how to fix heel slippage in boots. The given scenario or issue isn’t the end of the world or an apocalyptic sight at all, but it does have its bad effects on your body.

What is heel slippage?

Before jumping to the specifics or certain conclusions, our interested and keen readers must know what actually is heel slippage?

Heel slippage in boots is a kind of situation where your heel tends to move excessively in a very unusual manner. This happens because the footwear you have on is not the right type of fit for you. It is either too wide or too snug on the feet. In both cases, if your frontal shoe area is wider than your feet, you will end up walking in a funny way due to heel slippage. This can also be referred to as boots loose in the heel as there is extra space in the heel area.  If it is tighter and is small as compared to your own toes’ width, then too, you will face the issue of heel slippage.

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Is heel slippage a problem to be worried about?

Now that we have established what exactly heel slippage is, another big dilemma among the people is not knowing whether or not it is a problem or not. We have grown up in a society where people believe in superstitions and myths rather than facts. Due to this, superstitious habits are sort of in borne in all of us no matter what class of the society we are a part of.

People after getting to know about heel slippage start to feel pity for their own selves. This is because they make up their mind that boot heel slippage is a problem and an issue due to which other people are better than them and they are just some mediocre human beings. This develops an inferiority complex in such people and they become mentally, physically, and socially ill. This is why we are here to clear this myth for you. Heel slipping in boots is just a “CONDITION”, not a “PROBLEM”. You need to keep your head clear after reading this. Because only then you’ll be better able to solve this condition or seek treatment for it.

What uproots heel slippage?

Whenever a condition comes up related to your body, there is always something at the back end which triggers it. This may include a number of factors that in one way or another worsen your already worse situation. Some of the factors which may lead to boot heel slippage are described as:

  • Not wearing the right type of shoes
  • Walking long distances despite your supination/ underpronation
  •  Daily ill habits which add fuel to the fire
  • Choosing uneven terrains to walk, jog
  • Not exercising enough
  • Not having enough Intel about your own feet

How to fix heel slippage in Boots?

A very common issue being faced by people having heel slippage is that they still have no idea how to fix it. They have discovered their condition but still are quite clueless on how to keep boots from slipping on the heel.

How to fix heel slippage in boots

We have done very thorough research for you and have gathered the following points for you to go through. These will help you in getting rid of heel slippage in no time.

1) Seek medical assistance to know your foot type

If you personally cannot manage to interpret what sort of feet type you have, then the only best solution is to go and see a podiatrist, so that he can suggest you apt reasons and solutions to your shortcomings.

2) Knowing your foot type on your own

How to fix heel slippage in shoes

Another efficient and economical way would be for you to examine your own feet and check whether you have flat feet or feet with proper arch. For this, you’ll just need a full-length mirror in front of you so you can interpret your feet easily. This step is quite crucial as it will help you to understand much better what sort of treatment your feet need. Having flat feet would mean buying proper flat feet shoes. Similarly, having normal arched feet but still facing heel slippage would mean you need something extra to work things out.

3) Buying the right kind of shoes

Buy the right kind of shoes

If you want to know how to keep boots from slipping on the heel, then you must start your research work on what shoes might work best for you and what wouldn’t? This also will help you in the future as you will have your own customized shoes after research and so you would not have to face the heel slippage issue anymore.

4) Taping the toes

Another technique that will work best for you in preventing heel slippage in boots is taping your two toes at the end of each foot. This is used by models who wear high heels on long runways. What this does is that the taped toes sort of stick together tightly and so, your heel slippage issues decrease to a minimum. This happens because the toes sort of aligning in the same symmetry hence keeping the heel intact and preventing any slippage.

5) Work on foot alignment

A major fix for this condition can be to get your feet aligned by a chiropractor or a podiatrist. But make sure to go to a medically certified one. Because trust me you do not want to get troubled by some new issue if a chiropractor messes up. Foot alignment basically works on feet which are categorized as flat feet, no arch feet, etc. Such exercises are done which will gradually bring your feet back to a little normal alignment.

6) Use some talcum powder

Apply talcum powder on feet

In some people, who sweat frequently; boot heel slippage is a common condition faced by them. This can be controlled quite easily. Just sprinkle some talcum powder in the soles of your shoes and you’ll be good to go. The powder soaks up the excessive moisture build-up from the shoe sole and so zero chances of heel slippage in boots are left behind.

7) Trying new exercises

Heel slippage is also due to the fact that some people do not have any sort of practically working routine. They just sit idle all day long and so gradually their feet and joints start losing their movement due to no exercise. This is why it is quite crucial for people with heel slippage to try some sort of exercise just to keep their joints in function. Otherwise, with the passage of time, all of their lower body movement may be lost because of no exercise or frequent motions. Just try stretching your toes in a direction so as to stretch out the tendons. This will lead to your tendons having flexibility; hence, you’ll never have to face heel slippage ever again in your life.

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Now you know exactly how to fix heel slippage in boots. All you have to do is follow these tips and measures and you’ll be back to your usual routine in no time. Just make sure to be regular with these tips, otherwise, the issue may relapse back faster than it took to eliminate.  No one wants to go through the exact hardships and sufferings one had to overcome in order to lead a calm and peaceful lifestyle. So without any further contemplating, get down to trying out the above-mentioned tips and tricks to get your life back on track.

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