How to Fix Underpronation or Supination? Step by Step Guide

Underpronation is a quite common problem today faced by many people around the globe. So before talking about how to fix underpronation or supination, it is quite important for everyone to know what exactly is underpronation?

What exactly is Underpronation or Supination?

UNDERPRONATION basically is such an issue that when you walk, your weight falls more on the inside of the foot. Supination is another name for underpronation. During this, the feet usually roll outward when you walk. Normally, the weight of the body is in perfect inclination with your gait. This is the natural phenomena of walking. While when you are facing the issue of underpronation, your foot rolls on the outward side excessively.

Factors Which Lead to Underpronation?

There are plenty of factors that lead to underpronation, the main of which is wearing the wrong type of shoes and doing all your daily chores while wearing the wrong type of shoes for your feet. This is such a major issue if we think about it seriously. We’ve heard many people complaining about sore feet or dislocated ankles and they have zero ideas of what might have happened with their feet.

Symptoms of Underpronation or Supination

Underpronation has many symptoms, a few of which are the following:

  • Your footwear lean to one side
  • Tight muscles around the ankles
  • Bone Fractures and ankle injuries
  • Ankle dislocating quite frequently
  • Sore feet
  • Achilles Tendinitis
  • Pain in the arch of the foot
  • Plantar Fasciitis

1.     Your Footwear Lean to One Side

If you’ve walked and noticed that the shoe on one side means uneven walk. Overpronation happens when your toes lean towards one side of your shoe (and can be corrected by raising your heels slightly or switching to a different type of shoe). Some noticeable side effects include “squeaky-foot syndrome,” blisters, discomfort, and impaired walking ability.

2.     Tight muscles around the ankles

There are many causes for under-pronation, but the most common culprits include tight muscles around the ankles. Ankles don’t curve properly (especially in older adults), thin soles with less cushioning at the toes, and other factors like improper lifting techniques. To correct this condition, first, work out the issues in your gym by increasing your range of motion in the affected areas.

3.     Bones Fracture plus Ankle Injuries

Under-pronation, or overpronation, pronates the foot toward the midline. This can cause pain in your big toe, especially when you’re aging or have had multiple different surgeries affecting your big toes. Over time, the bones in your big toe can lose elasticity and strength and rid themselves of the cartilage that cushions them.

In addition, if you face pain, swelling, and surgency, these pains are known as an ‘ankle sprain.’ The most common form of a stress fracture on these bones occurs when a person mistakenly assumes landing on their toes.

Symptoms of underpronation

We have published a few articles on the Best Shoes for Underpronation or supination. You can select the underpronation shoes for yourself according to your needs.

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How to Fix Underpronation | Step by Step

There are several measures that can be taken for the purpose of supination correction:

Self Inspection

The first step to any kind of solution is to sit down and think about it thoroughly and examine the problem on a self basis. Just like that, when the question arises of how to correct underpronation, what your first step should be is to self examine yourself and check for the visible signs of underpronation.

What you have to do is take your shoes which you wear regularly and you have to examine them quite carefully. Look for any tearing off from the edges of the material used on the shoes. After placing them on the floor, examine the soles. If you are an underpronator, then the soles of the sneakers will be a little pushed to the side and there may be wearing off of the shoes.

Do Your Research

Your next step should be to do your research regarding what to wear for your supinated feet so that you can function quite efficiently. We suggest that you look into different brands and specifically look for shoes made personally for supinators or underpronators. Such shoes also play a great role in foot supination correction. So start your research online or visit stores near you.

Do Proper Exercises

When a person sits idle and doesn’t do anything for correcting his problem, eventually the problem abides by him for the rest of his life. If such an attitude will be kept by a person facing the issue of supination and he won’t do anything about it, then eventually, this issue will become more of life-long damnation for him. Exercising or walking, etc is an integral part of life which one cannot ignore. This is why one also has to stay fit and healthy for being able to do this.

If you have supinated feet, you don’t just have to invest in a good pair of supination or underpronation shoes. You also have to pay enough attention to your feet too.

One very effective exercise for easing your supination foot pain is to take a tennis ball and place it on the floor. Next, you have to put your foot above the ball on the floor and move your foot back and forth. What this will do is that it will ease out your foot muscles especially the tendons and ligaments. When they will get stretched as such, eventually your feet will feel quite relieved.

Seek Medical Guidance

When such problems as ankle dislocation or Achilles tendinitis are faced by someone, it is quite compulsory for you to go and seek medical guidance from a proper physician. He/she will let you know about your feet type whether you have high or low arches and what kind of shoes should you look for when buying for supination. Maybe he will prescribe you certain medicine for easing the pain in your knees or joints. This is also a way of correcting supination.

Wearing Orthotics

When you will visit a podiatrist, he will examine your feet quite thoroughly; maybe he will also perform some X-rays just to make sure there isn’t a fractured bone or joint in the foot. He will prescribe some Orthotics which is a sort of medicated insole for you to place in your shoes. It is easily placed and can be removed depending upon your occasional needs.

The orthotics are designed very specifically according to your feet shape so that they fit well in your shoes. The job of these is to provide cushioning to your feet so that they don’t tire up on those rough and uneven terrains.

Things to Avoid

A major supination correction factor is what to avoid specifically during this issue. This doesn’t mean what diet you must follow; it means how you should adapt your daily lifestyle to your supination correction process. Supination knee pain is a major drawback of this issue because your weight falls more on the inside of your knees and feet.

The list of things to make sure during supination correction is as follows:

  1. Avoiding Long walks on rough terrains
  2. Avoiding tiring runs for miles
  3. Making sure to never land on the side of your feet
  4. Making sure to start running or walking lightly
  5. Do not tire yourself at all at any cost or you will go back to square one
  6. Give your feet enough rest to recover

We have published a list of the Best Sandals for Supination or Underpronation. You can also try these to get rid of supination.


So, this was an overview for you to look upon if you are finding yourself the method of how to fix underpronation or supination. So make sure to take a look at all of them and make yourself able enough to go about your daily routine by not letting supination or underpronation get in your way.

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