How to keep feet from sweating in Work Boots?

Sweat glands are found all over the human skin that produces sweat. But in hot weather, excessive sweating becomes an irritative problem for many. Working-class is most commonly hit by exaggerated sweating in feet as they have to wear work boots that create hurdles for them while doing their job. If you want to know how to keep feet from sweating in work boots, then proceed reading.

From teachers to construction workers and students to armed personnel, all struggle due to sweaty feet in boots. Usually, the undue feet sweating is because of the poor quality boots, and its only solution is to buy pair of great quality boots. There are some other solutions to this problem too which we are going to explain in this article in detail.

Tips to keep feet dry in Work Boots

Choose the right boots

It is not abnormal to have sweaty feet in boots, but excessive sweating is not only disturbing but also creates health dilemmas. Specifically, it can be very messy if you are doing a physically demanding job in hot weather. Sweating is a body’s natural reaction against an elevated body temperature.

A nice boot pair is a perfect solution to stop the build-up of sweat that carries a bad odor. It is absurd to wear winter boots in warm weather as they are meant to keep the feet warm in cold weather. To keep feet dry in boots, you have to buy two pairs of boots, one for winter one for the summer.

Breathable work boots come with mesh lining that expels away the moisture inside the boots and make the feet breathe. When buying work boots, prefer leather boots over rubber ones. They seal your feet and allow the sweat to build up in boots as the material does not allow appropriate airflow.

If your workplace is cool, like offices, banks, and something like that, then you can go for boots that are not waterproof and insulated. The reason is these types of boots are for wet and col weather as they completely seal your feet. Our suggestion is to buy breathable work boots for sweaty feet to get a relaxed working atmosphere.

keep feet from sweating in Work Boots

Use shoe inserts

If you are looking for an ideal remedy for how to keep feet from sweating in work boots, then you should take the help of shoe inserts. The most appealing thing about them is the affordability and easy installation. Other than that, you will not find it difficult to get the right size as they are available in multiple sizes.

The high moisture absorption of shoe inserts makes them the best solution for wet feet due to sweating in boots. Shoe inserts will also let your feet relax along with improving posture as well. If you have somehow bought a large pair of boots, these shoe inserts will also come in handy.

Always wear the right socks

Some people skip wearing socks when they find wearing boots comfortable without socks. You have to avoid doing that. How to stop your feet from sweating in work boots? You must wear socks with boots but also ensure that the socks are seasonal for the required result.

It should be noted that cotton is not the ideal material as these socks are not an excellent absorbent of water and moisture. But surely, you can buy a pair of socks with cotton content along with wool, polyester, CoolMax, and any such material that restrains stacking up of sweat inside the boots.

wear the right socks

Foot powders

Do you want another on how to keep feet dry in boots, right? Then foot-powered can be great for that perspective. The sunny side about these food powders is they are a medically proven way to reduce sweating. Moreover, the availability of foot powder will not be an issue as you can get foot powder from any drug store or pharmacy.

Most importantly, foot powder can be very beneficial if you are suffering from foot infection due to fungus, bacterial, and viral infection in the feet. The best way to apply foot powder to feet is to clean the feet properly by washing them for better results. You can routinely use foot powder due to its affordable price.

How to dry sweaty work boots to avoid excessive sweat

No matter what method you can apply to prevent excessive sweat in boots, if you are not drying your wet boots, all the effort will go in vain. If you have a busy daily routine, you should have to let your boots dry in the air for the night. Also, it is suggested to place boots under the shiny sun. In this way, you will not only get dry shoes but also cleanliness inside your boots which is hygienic.

Clean up your feet

Whenever a doctor says clean feet are necessary for a healthy lifestyle, then he is not working at all. So, if you want your feet to remain dry in boots, then make a habit of washing your feet after removing shoes. You may be wondering there, but dirty feet invite bacteria that cause your skin to produce more sweat to prevent these bacteria from entering inside your body. Here is a complete guide on how to clean/wash work boots.

Clean up your feet

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Sometimes unnecessary body fat increases stress in the feet, which, in response to that stress, starts excreting more sweat. If your weight is more than the BMI, you should make an effort to bring it in part with the ideal BMI reading. For this, you can benefit from exercise and dieting, but it is essential to get a proper diet plan and exercise chart from a nutritionist.

Final Words

We hope that this post about how to keep your feet from sweating in work boots has helped you get rid of wet boots. If you are facing undue sweat in your feet, then you should make an appointment with the doctor as it can be due to some health problem. For most of the people about mentioned method worked well so if you have any query regarding it you can contact us.

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