How to Prevent Shoes from Cutting Ankle?

Are you facing pain, blistering, and problems at the back of your heels and ankles? If so, then no worry; we are here to give you a solution to it. If you would like to know the solution to prevent shoes from cutting ankles, then proceed with reading. The shoe pair is newly bought right then, it is the culprit behind the issue, and you have to take action.

If your shoes are old, then it is better to say goodbye. Moreover, there can be other reasons for this problem, including biological ones. This problem might seem to be small, but you should not take it lightly. Shoe heel cutting can become complicated if left untreated.

Tips to Prevent Shoes from Cutting Ankle

Wear thick or double socks

Sometimes, it is impossible to save your feet from cutting by shoes due to their extra thick and stiff nature by wearing thin socks. If you are wearing thin socks and experiencing shoe biting, then you can use a thick pair of socks that you wear in winter.

However, if you do not have any thick socks pair, then you can wear two thin socks as an alternative. The aim is to create a soft barrier between the shoe interior and feet skin. By doing so, you will stop the friction between the inner area of the shoe and your feet.

Try Shoe Inserts

Shoe insoles are an ideal solution if you want to know how to prevent shoes from cutting ankle. Basically, the shoe insoles do not directly help you if you are experiencing shoes bite ankle but aid your feet to get comfortable positioning in shoes.

If you are suffering from heel pain, then shoe insoles are matchless. Besides that, you can easily get shoe insoles due to their wide availability, and also the price is affordable as well. As a newbie, you can easily install shoe insole in your shoes, making it an ideal solution for boots rubbing side ankle bone.

prevent shoes from cutting ankle

Here is a complete list of the Best shoe inserts you should try.

Utilize Moleskin

If you want to protect your feet from shoes cutting back of the ankle, then using moleskin is not a bad idea. It is a type o cotton fabric with the sticking ability on one side. You can label its sticky side inside the shoe and cover up all the areas which you think are troubling.

The best part is if you do not want to stick moleskin inside the shoe, you can attach it to your feet. In this way, you can prevent the contact of your feet skin with the inside of the shoe.

Stretch Shoe Back

Are you suffering from blistering and cutting on the ankle’s back, then you can simply stretch the back portion of your shoe. Moreover, the best way to do so is by applying heat to that area. But not all boots are stretchable like the ones made of cotton or canvas, whereas leather shoes are perfect for that endeavor.

Follow these steps to stretch your shoe’s back:

  • Get the hair drying machine and employ it to heat the back of both shoes
  • After doing that for 5 minutes, stop and put the shoes somewhere to let them cool down
  • Replicate the process again and again until the friction between your shoe and feet reduced
How to prevent shoes from cutting ankle

Apply Leather Oil

If your boots are made up of leather and are cutting your feet, you can apply them to make the boots soft. We do this because soft boots will not bite your feet’ skin. The best part is the price of leather oil is less so it will be a cheap procedure for you.

In case if you have no access to leather oil, then you can use whatever oil like coconut, almond, and massage oil as an alternative. After applying the oil, let the shoes absorb it in the open air for a day or so.

Use Antiperspirant

Are you going through shoes rubbing side ankle bone problem then antiperspirant is a way to let your feet relax and be free from any germs? Moreover, it is the same powder that most people use to cure blisters in between armpits. It will also be handy if you are worried about excessive sweating in your feet.

If you want to know how often should you replace shoes, then here is a complete guide for you.

Final Words

Shoes that hurt the ankle can be very irritating, and they can ruin your whole day at the workplace. The only way to stop the shoe biting is to prevent it from occurring. But after trying all the hacks, we have told you you will definitely be able to prevent shoes from cutting ankle. If you want to get out of this problem permanently, you have to buy a new pair of shoes.


Q1) What happens when shoes constantly collide with your foot skin?

Ans) If you are lucky then your feet will get a reddish tone. But if something goes wrong then the following can happen.

  1. Blisters
  2. Bursitis
  3. Achille tendinosis
  4. Achille tendonitis

Q2) How to break in the back of a shoe?

Ans) If the back of your shoe is not loosening like normal, then you can heat it in the following way:

  • With the utilization of dryer heat, the back of the shoes
  • Wear on your shoes
  • Keep wearing the shoes until they cool down

Q3) Are all new shoes tight?

Ans) Yes, all the new shoes are tight to a few extents, and they will start loosening up over time. So, you can buy a shoe that is ½ inch tight, but the shoe size less than that is not recommended.

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