How to Run With Flat Feet?

Running, by the looks of it, may have different perceptions regarding it in people’s minds. Some may think of it as something that gets them going for the day, while others may get tired and feeble just by the name of it. The majority of the people who get tired of running real quick are those who usually have some sort of impairment issues. The main issue which leads to such impairments as having flat feet. This article mainly confines the topic of how to run with flat feet. So if you were looking for a solution to this problem, get yourself some snacks and indulge in this mind-dwelling article.

What are Flat Feet?

Before jumping into the article’s main viewpoint, one must have a thorough idea of what actually are flat feet.

Flat Feet are feet that do not have any sort of high platform from the ground, rather are quite leveled with the ground level. Usually, people have arched feet, in which their feet have some sort of visible elevation from the ground from the inner (lower) foot area. But in the case of flat feet, a person is quite prone to a number of feet and leg-related impairments and issues.

How Flat Feet can cause you future related problems?

Having flat feet is certainly not some kind of taboo. Every other person living in this world is different from the other. Every person has his own distinctive features which differentiate him from the others. Just like that, feet too, come in different shapes and sizes.

Flat feet are also congenital in some people. Some acquire such foot shape due to poor life habits. But if one does not tend to his flat feet issue in time, this may lead to destructive issues for that person in the future. Such issues include a number of issues, mainly which are:

  • Excessive tendon pulls
  • Major pain level in the leg extensor muscles
  • Frequent uneasiness during walking
  • Less productive output due to such issues
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles Tendon
  • Tearing of Quadriceps Femoris

If you want to avoid all such above-mentioned problems, then keep reading for discovering wholesome solutions to your problems. Following are some bullet points that help you to understand the concept of running with flat feet.

how to run with flat feet

1) Understanding Your Own Feet

This first step is quite crucial to understand whether or not you have flat feet. Not only this, you also need to observe your walk, jog, and running patterns. This will help you have a better view of how you feel afterward such activities. If you do feel uneasy after the formerly mentioned activities, then you’re likely to have flat feet. For this, you really have to check on your own for signs of such feet.

What you have to do is check whether your lower foot area falls plain straight with the ground or is there some sort of lifting scenario of it from the ground. If the arch portion kind of lifts, then you do not have flat feet. But, if it does fall flat with the ground, then you do have flat feet.

2) Visiting a podiatrist

A very mature option is for one to visit a podiatrist. It is quite essential to visit him as he may help you quite efficiently on the issue of running with flat feet. He will examine your feet thoroughly and will surely have the answers to all your queries. He will also let you know whether your flat feet type is the only cause for uprooting your problems related to mobility or is it just a myth of your own. Hence, it will save you a lot of thought and time.

visiting a podiatrist

3) Running practice

I’m sure that when the word running comes to the mind of a flat-footed person, he must think of it as an impossible thing. However, it’s not. You just need to acquire new habits and ways and you’ll be back to running swiftly.  Running flatfooted can be made quite easy if you follow such simple steps:

  • Try choosing paths which are not inclined or too steep.
  • Always choose straight linear paths which work best with your flat feet.
  • Make sure to take rests in between your runs.
  • Your breaks should be timed more quickly than a simple footed person.
  • Stretch your feet in between the breaks.
  • Do not do hard core runs at any cost.
  • Hard core runs do the most damage to your flat feet.

Who said running flat-footed won’t ever be an option? It can be, you just need the perfect strategy for it.

4) Helping Exercises

There is nothing in this world that cannot be fixed. Exercise is something that can be a solution to most of your health-related issues. Obesity, bad walking patterns, you name it, and exercise will always be the prime solution to all problems. It can also be used as a running with flat feet technique.

The exercises which are about to be mentioned include two types:

  • The ones you’re supposed to do on a regular basis everyday
  • The ones you’re supposed to do in between your runs (during your in-run breaks)

Regular Basis Exercises

Foot Raises

This simple exercise directs you to sit on a chair and simply raise your feet from the heel to the arch portion, keeping your toes toe tipping on the ground. Hold the raise for about 15 seconds on each foot. Repeat accordingly.

Roll the feet

For this, you have to roll each of your feet on such a small container so that you feel the pressure on your arches. The container can be any small filled water bottle or even a tennis ball. The main purpose of it should be to give such pressure to your arches which eventually lead to raising your arches even slightly as an inch.

Mechanical stretches

The mechanical stretches include the ones which you do with your hands. I’m sure you must be thinking how tips for flat feet running have hand stretches. Don’t worry, it’s just not as it sounds. These stretches of course you’ll be doing by your hands but on your feet.

Sit down all easy and relaxed. Take a few breaths in and let them out peacefully. Now fold your leg upward as you would do while sitting. Now hold your toes and slightly stretch them back towards you. What this will do is stretch the ligaments and tendons in your foot’s lower area. This will help you in running flat-footed easily.

In Between Run Exercises

  • When you stop for pauses in between your runs, try to twitch your toes inside your shoes.
  • Rest your feet on the ground and move them slowly so as to gain their natural blood flow. This natural but not accelerated blood flow which occurs during running helps your flat feet to relax and breathe properly.

5) Wear orthotics or insoles

Wearing orthotics or insoles designed for your flat feet will help you in running with flat feet. They have this special design that kind of hugs your feet and allows you to run smoothly without the problem of any sort of slippage. Always make sure to get medicated orthotics or insoles. Here is a list of the best insoles for flat feet.

how to run with flat feet

6) Buy Flat Feet Shoes

There are now many special flat feet shoes available in the market and online. You can always visit such stores physically or online as to your preference and ease. Wearing such special shoes during your runs also adds to the list of running with flat feet techniques.


We have exquisitely mentioned above the kind of techniques and tips one needs on how to run with flat feet. Do consider these options and your problems related to flat feet will minimize in absolutely such little amount of time that you won’t be able to keep track of it. Don’t become impatient for results, give these tips a go and wait for wonders to happen. Indeed, all good things take time.

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