How to Tell if you have Flat feet?

If your question is how to tell if you have flat feet? then don’t worry as we have explained everything related to flat feet in this article.

When we are talking about flat feet people this means those people usually don’t have arches or if they do have then it’s really low. These people really don’t need treatment until they feel uncomfortable, demonstrate a basic problem, or feel any pain in body parts due to this.

Even though some people don’t even feel any kind of pain or problem having low arches, flat feet isn’t a big problem if people with flat feet feel any pain or problem then, they can do simple exercises or can use equipment’s relevant to flat feet, this can solve their flat feet problem.

If you want to know about how to fix flat feet then you should read this complete guide.

What are flat feet?

A human foot has 33 joints which are holding 26 different bones altogether. Human feet also have over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments.

But this question really isn’t a problem that I have flat feet neither it’s embarrassing. Yes, Arches do help us in many ways and help to maintain the balance of the body across the body, feet, and legs. Arches have a structure that tells “how a person walks”. The arches or curves of feet should be both durable and adaptable to adjust to pressure and an assortment of surfaces. You’re now thinking how can I tell if I have flat feet well, flat feet people’s feet are curved into the inner side when they stand or walk. This is known as overpronation, and it might likewise make the feet point outward.

A lot of people who have flat feet are without any symptoms but at the same time, some people are sensitive to flat feet.

Who is in danger?

Seniors who are prone to injury or physical injury are also much more vulnerable. Because of the possibility of foot and ankle injuries, if you are extremely athletic as well as physically active, the risk is increased. Individuals with diseases that affect the muscles, such as cerebral palsy, are also at higher risk. Fatness, high blood pressure, and diabetes mellitus are also risk factors.

If you want to know how to run with flat feet then this guide is for you!

Symptoms of Flat Feet

You will feel continuous pain in the feet because of strained muscles and joined ligaments. If there is more burden on the knees or on the hips, then it can cause pain in these joints. This pain is common if you’re flat-footed.

You can feel pain in several body parts:

  • The curve of the foot
  • Calf
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Lower back
  • Lower legs

Causes of Flat feet

Well, flat-footed people are the ones who are usually born with no curves or arches in their feet and have them all their lives. And for some people or in some cases flat feet can cause pain or severe complications and can lead you to injuries as well.

You can have torn or stretched tendons, irritation of the back tibial ligament, broken bones, or disengaged bones. Chronic health scenes, which include nerve damage and arthritis can also cause you flat feet. Other medical terms can also cause you flat feet e.g. pregnancy, obesity, aging, and sugar level can also lead you to flat feet.

Is it possible to avoid flat feet?

If you have high blood sugar levels or are pregnant, you are more likely to develop flat feet. If you are obese, you are also much more inclined to produce flat feet. A person’s flat feet can often be avoided by doing the best care.

What is the best way to manage or treat flat feet?

Countless individuals with flat feet have no significant problems and do not require treatment. If you have foot pain, stiffness, or other issues, your doctor may suggest nonsurgical therapies. Surgery is rarely needed to correct rigid flat feet or issues with bone fragments or tendons. Among the treatments are:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), rest, and ice reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Physical therapies that are stretch and strengthen tense tendons & muscles, increasing flexibility and range of motion
  • Foot orthotics, foot or leg braces, as well as custom-made shoes, are examples of adaptive equipment.

How to Take care of Flat Feet

You can take care of flat feet in many ways obviously if one is facing a problem they will run to its cure and the foremost thing one can do for having flat feet is being choosy in buying shoes. Wearing orthotic gadgets or custom curve upholds inside the shoes will assist with giving the feet the help that they are inadequate. Get some information about the advantages of utilizing these gadgets for level feet from your doctor.

Now you will think do I have flat feet? Well, if you have you can consult a doctor or if you feel any kind of pain in your feet you can apply ice on your feet or if you consult your doctor he will surely prescribe you some medicines that are anti-inflammatory which will help you manage with the pain.

Provide a support to your Feet

If you have flat feet your doctor will recommend special footwear which is known as orthotics, which are insoles that you can put inside your shoes and that will protect your flat feet from pain and injuries and if this problem is with any kid the doctor can prescribe special shoes for flat feet children or heel cups until the full formation of feet of kids.

In this guide, we have provided you some best insoles for flat feet. You should definitely try these out if you have flat feet.

How to tell if you have flat feet

Change in Routine

Having flat feet is a sensitivity and doctors can ask you to take some extra time in your day to do some kind of special exercise or ask you to eat something according to your problem which might help in reducing flat feet so that you can reduce body weight which will help lessen your pain. And your doctor can also ask you to not stand or walk for some days and may ask you to do complete bed rest.

Am I flat footed?

Medicines or Surgery

If the diet or exercises won’t work your doctor will give you some painkillers which are anti-inflammatory which will help lessen your pain because Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory can diminish expansion and pain.

And in the end, if none of the above is helping then surgery is the last option. But this is an option for severe cases. Your specialist will create arches or curves in your feet, repair tendons, or will fuse your joints or bones if necessary.

Some people have flat feet in which their tendons are too short then your doctor can increase it to reduce your pain.

How to tell if you have flat feet?


Notwithstanding, you can keep the condition from declining and causing extreme agony by avoiding potential risks, for example, wearing shoes that fit well and giving fundamental foot support. And by avoiding unnecessary standing and walking. Every problem has solutions as well we just need to lookup them and if you have flat feet don’t just get worried about that its 2021 where you can find any cure online within just seconds.

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