how to correct supination

How to Correct Supination?

Whenever some sort of problem comes up in our life in the health zone, we obviously freak out due to natural issues. Such issues also have appropriate solutions as modern problems require modern solutions. Supination is also a modern times problem of the human body. Well, it can’t be specified as a problem but as a condition of the feet due to some specific activities and habits. So it is important for you to have complete knowledge of supination. In this article, we have provided different methods of how to correct supination.

What is Supination?

Supination is a condition of the foot when it doesn’t function in the usual manner. It is the outward rolling of the foot during walking, running, jogging, etc. it is characterized by the dislocation of ankle joints or slippage of the foot from certain areas. It isn’t gender-specific at all and can happen to any walking individual. This also leads to the excessively rolling of the ankle towards the outer region.

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Which Factors Lead To Supination?

Before knowing about how to correct supination it’s important for you to know the causes of it. Supination, like any other issue, also arises due to certain factors. Every action or activity we perform whether it is positive or negative, always has some impact on our life. So just like that, in this case, we have a few factors known as the causes of supination which are as follows:

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  • Overusing a pair of shoes which has worn out excessively
  • It may also occur due to certain inheritance issues
  • Wrong selection of shoes for your feet type
  • Not taking enough care of yourself in case of any kind of foot injury
  • Being overweight

What are the symptoms of supination?

As some factors lead to a problem and they also bring out certain symptoms of that problem. Its symptoms are referred to as the signs and visibilities which occur in a person due to its presence. Such symptoms of supination are as follows:

  • Pain in the ankle and knee joints
  • Frequent twisting of the ankle
  • Achilles Tendonitis develops in some people
  • Bunions appear on the outer edge of the feet
  • Feet may also swell up in some cases

Cooldown and Warm-up properly

There are two ways to correct the problem of supination. Warming up and cooling down properly is absolutely crucial for treat supination. The skin on our feet is susceptible.

Warm-up: Before you start exercising, take a couple of deep breaths to clear your system of toxins and swollen joints. Warm up properly before and after physical activity or even just a hike.

Cool Down: At the end of your workout, remove all heat from your body by contracting your entire muscles one at a time. Allow yourself 10 minutes to cool down before you begin exercising again.

How to fix underpronation?

When any kind of problem comes up in our life, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible so that it does not leave any sort of long-lasting defects upon us or our life. Hence, underpronation or supination is such an issue that also needs to be fixed. These are some of the treatments which answer your question of how to correct supination:

  • Avoiding long, tiring walks
  • Changing your shoes
  • Self-analysis of your feet
  • Exercises to improve your arch and to ease the pain
  • Resting as much as you can
  • Keeping your feet at an elevated position

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1) Avoiding Tiresome Walks

If you are already suffering from underpronation or supination, then you obviously know how tiring it is to walk long distances with this condition. It feels as gruesome as walking on firing coals as your feet sting a lot due to the pain which happens in your feet. As your feet are already suffering from supination, you are already going through a quite discomfort patch but if you think that you can go about your daily routine with this problem too then you are completely wrong.

This is because supination treatment can only be done starting from the little things in your life. One of which is avoiding long, tiring walks which further add to your pain in the feet. We are neither suggesting to sit completely idle nor to not do any kind of walking activity as it will lead to obesity which will in turn further add to your supination problem. What we are actually suggesting is to minimize your daily walks or working routine to a level that is tolerable enough for your supinated feet. This will alleviate your supination problem to quite some extent.

2) Choosing the right pair of shoes

Many people have the question when it comes to supination treatment that why do I walk on the outside of my foot? The answer to this question is you walk as such because “your feet are supinated”. This tells that supination leads to you walking more on the outer side of your feet which isn’t the normal gait pattern of a human being. For fixing this issue you need to and you must get your hand on supination shoes. These are those shoes that are specifically designed for fixing your issue of walking on the outer side of your feet. They are available almost in every reputable shoe brand near you and online too.

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These are the right pair of shoes for your feet because they are designed as such have a very lightweight feel and they are quite breathable too. This means they allow your feet to be comfortable enough in the shoes for walks, runs, or anything of the sort.

3) Self analysis of your own feet

I think one major step when it comes to how to correct supination is to check your own feet whether you have this issue or it’s just a false alarm because most of the time it isn’t what people think it to be. It is just some sort of ankle dislocation or something like that which people think of as supination. So for this, what you need to do:

Lay your foot flat on the floor. Make sure it’s on an even surface. Then place a mirror in front of you for better observation. Observe where your arch places. Do this by looking at whether it is a little elevated from the ground or is it lying flat with the floor.

If your arch is elevated, it means you have no supination and you have normal feet but if it lies flat with the floor, this gives the indication of you having supinated feet.

4) Exercises to improve arch placement

There are various exercises which help in improving your supination issue. Some of such exercises that help you to correct underpronation are as follows:

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Stretching of the foot muscles

This is a quite simple exercise. All you need to do is sit down and hold one foot up. Hold your toes in your hand and slightly stretch them towards yourself. Don’t stretch too harshly otherwise you may sprain your feet. Stretching your toes for about 10-15 seconds will help in stretching your foot muscles which will eventually ease out supination pain and eventually will eliminate underpronation from your life for good. Repeat for each foot simultaneously.

Roll your feet on a ball(Relieving Achilles Tendonitis)

Another exercise is placing a tennis ball under your foot and rolling it in a to and fro motion. This will stretch your tendons in the feet and will eventually relieve your problem of Achilles Tendonitis. Simply repeat this step on each foot for about ten seconds and you will be good to go.

5) Rest as much as you can

Another major problem fixer for your supination treatment is taking bed rest. This will help to keep your foot at ease and eventually with all the exercise and other treatments which you will be following; soon your feet will eventually get supination free within no time. So rest enough if you are looking for treatments on how to fix supination.

6) Positioning your foot a little elevated

Well, this may sound stupid but keeping your foot a little elevated than your posture while lying down is the best thing to do for fixing underpronation. You can do so by placing your feet on a pillow of some sort so that it stays elevated.


So, here was the complete method of how to correct supination. Start working on yourself with the above-mentioned treatments for achieving a better and healthy lifestyle. With this, you can start functioning better and start going about your daily routine more productively.

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